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A story of progress

Our story began with a passion for chemistry in the thriving environment of Zurich. Through ongoing research, use of novel technologies, continuous investment and strong international collaborations, we have since grown to a global provider with a portfolio of 2500 products delivered to the world's leading companies all over Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Our passion for chemistry is restless. Today, we are exploring new proprietary synthetic routes and constantly challenging ourselves to design competitive products for new markets and in new geographical areas.


A story of progress

Swiss excellence all the way

We are dedicated to excellence at every step, from the moment we conceive an idea to the moment we bring your product into the market.

We develop our chemistry and handle your needs with the highest level of quality, precision and transparency.

We will manage, coordinate and take full responsibility of our services at all development and production stages, whether we operate at our own facilities or the ones of our partners, in Switzerland or elsewhere. 

Swiss excellence all the way


Our mission is to provide you with the best chemistry and services at the best rates to help you develop safer, sustainable and competitive products.


Since our foundation in 2001, we have come a long way to the global provider we are today, with our exclusive facilities, extensive networks, collaborations and scientific achievements.

Meet Our Team

Our team is a blend of multidisciplinary scientists, sales and sourcing professionals, focused on creating distinctive quality and value for your products.


We care about our people and the environment, so we make sure your products are made sustainably and in strict compliance with all international legal requirements.


We believe that openness can stimulate better science and bring us closer to cutting-edge solutions for our customers’ needs.


In 2014 the Swiss government awarded us $500 000 for research that led to more efficient development and production.

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